A project of The NOCCA Institute


Many of our dishes can be modified for vegan, gluten-free, and other diets. Please ask your server.  

We are proud to feature seasonal produce grown by our friends at Press Street Gardens.

Please note: this menu changes regularly. If you have questions, please contact us.

Small Plates

Green Salad $7
strawberries, green coriander vinaigrette, red miso gastrique, red onion

Grilled Oysters $12
andouille, basil and kimchi puree

Parsnips $8
pickled blackberry, parsnip puree, radish pods, mint gremolata

Carrots $8
corn and green onion pancake, sweet pepper, madeira, grana padano

Spring Market Soup $7
new potatoes, leeks, dill, porcini, lime oil

Chicken Liver Mousse $9
fried oysters, premium crackers, spiced cane syrup, pickles

Spring Peas $11
crawfish tails, gnocchi, chanterelle butter

Shrimp $11
spiced carrot puree, spring vegetable slaw, yogurt, mint, chile, pomegranate molasses


Grilled Gulf Fish $19
grilled squash, peach, pickled onion

Roasted Half Chicken $21
lyonnaise potatoes, mint, preserved lemon

Burger $12
two stacked patties on a housemade sweet potato brioche roll, with cheddar

Lamb Sandwich $14
mint, dashi mayonnaise, cucumber and banana pepper slaw on lepinja, served with a salad


Blueberries $8
corn shortcake, creme fraiche, mint, sour vanilla syrup

Roasted Banana Pudding $8
strawberry and kaffir lime syrup, chocolate, shortbread

Beignets $8
goat cheese butter, miso caramel, buttered almonds